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Calda House

Laird's house of the Mackenzies.

A most distinctive house for its time and location, Calda House was the first mansion of symmetrical plan and elevation to be built in the north west Highlands. 

Calda was the blueprint for other early 18th century lairds’ houses in the north west, including two other MacKenzie lairds’ houses, Flowerdale, by Gairloch, and Applecross House, both built about 1738.

After the MacKenzies of Seaforth finally managed to get control of Assynt from the MacLeods in 1674, the estate was handed over to the Earl’s second son, John, but by 1736 the family’s financial situation had been reversed and the incumbent Lady Assynt was given the task of arranging the sale of the Estate.

Eventually, William, Earl of Sutherland took over the estate, settling the family’s outstanding debts. Kenneth MacKenzie of Assynt signed the disposition to Sutherland at Calda House on 6 October 1736.

However, a MacKenzie cousin, William, former Earl of Seaforth was dismayed at the thought of Assynt being in the hands of his family’s old enemy and he persuaded Kenneth to sign another dispostion of Assynt to Seaforth.

A battle for Assynt now ensued between the Earl of Sutherland and MacKenzie of Seaforth.

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